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Simple five strokes to make your printing unit easy to change color

Simple five strokes to make your printing unit easy to change color

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Simple five strokes to make your printing unit easy to change color

Nowadays, printing with spot color ink is very common. Sometimes it is necessary to change the spot color four or five times in a class. It is really troublesome to wash the car frequently, especially in the case of poor quality of the rubber roller and light color of the spot color ink. trouble. Sometimes the car wash and the color change repeat number are not good enough, making the production impossible. Therefore, color change work can not be ignored, but also pay attention to some skills, so that spot color printing is no longer troublesome. Through years of practical experience, the following points are summarized:
(1) First of all, we must learn the relevant knowledge of light color theory, master the basic principles of color subtraction method and ink color change. To be able to contact the actual production, repeatedly try to figure out and use it flexibly.
(2) After receiving a spot color print, the group of the spot color should be roughly analyzed. Which kinds of primary color inks should be blended? What is the approximate ratio? For example, orange red is yellow ink and more red ink. Less, snow cyan is generally more red ink and more blue ink, brown is generally yellow, red ink and then add some black ink, shallow spot color also has a large amount of dilute agent.
(3) Select the color group that is similar to the color of the spot color to be printed to wash the car for color change. Now four-color machines are more common, and the flexibility of choosing a blue group is relatively large. Once the color group is wrongly selected, it is definitely unpleasant. For example, the orange-red ink must not choose the blue group, but the yellow or red group should be selected, because even a little blue ink residue in the orange color will make the color gray; Silver ink must not choose the red group, but the black group should be preferred, so that it is easier to change color, even if it is not very clean when washing, it will not obviously affect the visual effect and affect the product quality.
(4) Before selecting the color group and preparing for the car wash and color change, according to the hue analysis of the spot color to be printed, the other primary color inks contained in the spot colors are pre-coated on the rubber roller. That is to say, if the spot color is golden red, then apply some yellow ink on the original red group. If it is brown, apply some yellow ink and a small amount of black ink on the red group. Then, let the machine run for a while, then wash it off with car wash water. The advantage of this is that the hue of the ink applied on the rubber roller is almost close to the hue of the spot color before cleaning. Basically, it can be cleaned, and it can be almost washed twice. Even if it is not clean, leaving residual ink, it will not change the color of the printed product.
(5) The rubber roller should be cleaned in a short time, and the pressure between the rubber rollers, the rubber strip of the rubber washer and the ink roller should be ensured. In addition, it is necessary to pay more attention to the ends of the rubber roller for a while. Because the rubber roller is mostly olive-shaped after a period of use, the two ends are prone to aging, causing cracks and spots, and the ink remaining in the original is difficult to clean, thereby affecting the hue of the printed product. Of course, when necessary, you can also use some cleaning agents, such as water, cream, etc., but the cost is slightly higher.

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