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Inkjet machine switch machine correct pace

Inkjet machine switch machine correct pace

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Inkjet machine switch machine correct pace

What are the correct steps and what should be noted when switching on and off, and what preparatory tasks should be done before printing? What should be done as a shelter in printing? What should be done as a shelter task at the end of printing?
The correct pace for booting:
1. Remove the trolley from the moisturizing base (remove the nozzle flap)
2. Turn on the computer first, then turn off the power of the device;
3. Initiate the machine (press the start button) and then open the platform fan switch, feed motor switch, cold air switch and heating switch in sequence;
4, open the system, the necessary parameter settings in the printing system;
5, cleaning the nozzle, print nozzle test strip;
6, start printing.
The correct pace of shutdown:
1, save the print settings in the print control system
2. Turn off the heating switch, the platform suction switch, the air dry switch, and the feeding motor switch;
3. Press the emergency stop button (3s or more)
4. Finally turn off the power switch of the device and turn off the computer.
What should be noticed when the inkjet advertisement is turned on:
1. When starting up, ensure that the nozzle has been removed from the insulation base (the egg tray has been removed) and that the mechanical mission platform details must not have foreign objects such as screws, tools or debris;
2. It must be ensured that all switch buttons on the machine are in the closed state;
3. Ensure that the ink in the main ink cartridge is sufficient, and the waste ink in the vacuum cleaner has also been removed.
4. Ensure that the indoor temperature and humidity are within the specified range;
5. Turn on the computer and then turn on the power of the device when booting.
Pay attention when shutting down:
1. Turn off the switch such as equipment heating, platform suction, cold air drying, feeding and receiving system;
2. After shutting down, it is necessary to do a good job of the nozzle and the machine cleaning task.
Inkjet advertising inkjet printer features:
A: The color balance is bright, flat, and free of brush strokes.
B: The color brightness can be changed at will.
C: Produces a matt effect and is easy to make a board.
D: Easy to modify. (If necessary, spray white powder first, then repair. For example: blue + white + red = red.)
E: The color effect.

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