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Domestic photo machine nozzle welcomes new development period

Domestic photo machine nozzle welcomes new development period

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Domestic photo machine nozzle welcomes new development period

The market for producing photo machine nozzles is getting bigger and bigger. Both the printing equipment manufacturers and the inkjet printers are delighted. The photo machine has also developed from the previous "prominent" to the current "unique half-day", domestic photo machine nozzle Production equipment manufacturers have also begun to shift from equipment to services in order to win the favor of more users and occupy a larger market.
As we all know, domestic mainstream photo machines are equipped with Epson nozzles, and now Epson nozzles are basically encrypted nozzles. When manufacturers produce photo printers with their nozzles, they need to decrypt the nozzles first. So whenever Epson introduces a new printer or a new nozzle, it will usher in a wave of nozzles to decipher the tide.
According to reports, Epson will introduce a new type of printer, and the printer is equipped with a new type of nozzle. If the report is in line with the facts, and the nozzle is suitable for use in the photo machine, then there is no doubt that the domestic will usher in a new round of photo machine nozzle decryption. There are three reasons for this. Personally, many people are pursuing "new". When new products are launched, there will always be a large number of users who want to try out the performance of new products. Therefore, in order to cater to users, manufacturers also need to These encrypted sprinklers are decrypted. Second, the decryption of the new type of nozzle can expand the capacity of the market, so that the market is not limited to equipped with a type of nozzle. Thirdly, for the research and decryption of the new type of nozzle, it will help us to develop our own nozzles, so that the important part of the domestic photo machine is the embarrassing situation of citing foreign equipment for too long.
After all, if any product can have its own technology and is not affected by foreign technology, then the benefits brought by the country and the enterprise are incalculable.

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