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We're here waiting for you! 4.1H-A0150 on 21st-24th July APPP EXPO 2020

We're here waiting for you! 4.1H-A0150 on 21st-24th July APPP EXPO 2020

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We're here waiting for you! 4.1H-A0150 on 21st-24th July APPP EXPO 2020


Dear All the Exhibitors and Visitors,


Today, we, the organizing committee of APPPEXPO, confidently announce that Shanghai APPPEXPO will be scheduled at NECC from July 21-24, 2020 and we will take a lead in bringing anefficient trading showwith full safe guarantee to all the fellows among ad, sign, printing and packaging industry.


APPPEXPO 2020 Shanghai

The 28th Shanghai Int’l Ad & Sign Technology and Equipment Exhibition

Shanghai Int’l Digital Textile Printing Expo

Shanghai Int’ l Express Printing & Graphic Expo

Shanghai Int’l Lighting Expo

Shanghai Int’l Creative Design Print Top Products Exhibition



After postponing to hold the show according to the relevant government policies, we have restarted to the preparation for the exhibition and have been in close communication with the related department to strengthenthe service for exhibitors and visitors.


We are now sparing no effort in promoting APPPEXPO so as to ensure the professional buyers and visitors know the latest updates of the show. Meanwhile, we launch a series of activities: online and Mini Program of APPPEXPO, Special Display Zone for the Exhibitors, the newsletter named as APPPEXPO to Local Market and VIP Business Match.


Moreover, we will try our best to facilitate exhibitors well to ensure their participation and bring visitors a good visiting experience. The hot July not onlymeansthe shinning sun, but also shows our passionate minds ofrebuilding interest and momentum.

With the joint efforts of the Chinese government and people,"Covid-19" has been effectively suppressed recently,all kinds of enterprises at all levels are restart work and production to strive for economic recovery and growthin the next phase. China has hadgreat success in the initial stage of epidemic prevention and control,as Tan Desai, who's director general, said in a touching speech on February 24, "we must lose alone; we can win with all our hearts!"

The successful holding of APPPEXPO during July 21- 24 can not be without you, the one who is from all over the world.




Yours Sincerely,

the organizing committee of APPPEXPO


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