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The significance of anabiosis
Maybe it is to make you find something warm your heart

Easter is an important holiday in the West, the first Sunday after the full moon of the spring equinox every year. Easter is a major holiday after Christmas; in the religious sense, Easter is more important than Christmas.

The egg is a symbol of Easter, because it heralds the arrival of new life, and believes that new life will surely escape from the world.

On April 11, the company's export partners held a family day event, and accompanied our little ones to have a happy and fun Easter.

At the beginning of the event, the host told the origins of Easter for our lovely friends: Easter originally referred to the ancient Chinese pagan "Spring Festival", that is, the festival to celebrate the return of the spring to the earth. Since then, the days are long and the nights are short, showing that the light covers the darkness. When the full moon is full, not only the day is full of light, but the night is also illuminated by sunshine.

Next, we entered the first game:Egg Superman, to see the little ones challenge themselves one by one

Be careful, very cute!
Looking at this Superman, he is gonna take all the eggs home!

The second game: our tail-catching game
Each person distributes three long tails, sticking to any place on his or her body, playing for ten minutes, both offensive and defensive, can grab others, and protect his own. Finally, the group with more tails win

Get ready to attack immediately!
See the location, and drag and run!
The girls are not bad as well, all flutter like a gust of wind
There are still a few small fights
Hide in the corner
Guarding the tails
The laughter of the children penetrated the entire park

The little kids who do n’t know how to play the maze here have already started the next step: decorating eggs
Our sheet die cutting machine/cutter has a speed of up to 960mm / s and can stack up to 600 A3 + with any adhesive paper materials. The cutting accuracy is extremely high. The 1cm small sticker has no pressure. The video can be found on various public platforms. It has extremely high stability. It can do all the work without being on duty, reduce manual labor, and is a necessary machine for small-scale and special-shaped labels with graphics and text.

Paste on our eggs according to your preferences

Here comes The most exciting part!

Hide and seek

Let's go for an eggcitement hunt!

In the grass

Under the tree

Under the foot pad

The amount of exercise is too large

We all feel so exhausted 

The logistics department also prepared exquisite snacks for everyone

Drinking milk, eating chips, fried chicken, so comfortable!


This Easter Family Day event ended successfully, thanks to the hard work of the preparatory team, and the careful care of parents

Finally, I attach the biggest egg that my coworker Yue Mei gave to everyone. I wish you all 2020 and have new hope. May the day be full of light and the night will be illuminated by Qinghui!

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