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work harder with more efficient way

work harder with more efficient way

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work harder with more efficient way


Busy work throughout April, we ushered in the biggest holiday after work. Happy! Excited! Looking back on this April in this hopeful season, in order to further stimulate the enthusiasm of the company ’s employees to learn knowledge, compare skills and practice skills, solidly promote the construction of employee quality projects, continue to improve the operation level and professionalism of employees, and create an excellent economy Technical indicators, cultivate elite craftsmen, and actively prepare for the retaliatory growth of production activities in the second half of the year. On the 11th of April , the company held the first assembly skill competition on the second floor of the workshop of Building 4. With the ringing of the bell, it marked the official start of the professional skills competition. The company leaders, members of the contest judges and relevant persons in charge, each participating unit and participators participated in and witnessed the official start of the contest.

All the colleagues in this competition received a personalized full-length cultural shirt made by the company's sales partners.
If you are interested in cutting plotter, you can inquire about the video of making cultural shirt with cutting plotter.
Our cutting plotter has automatic multi-mark sweep point cutting, automatic patrol, large size, high precision and high pressure trolley, and a wider range of cutting materials; aluminum alloy body structure, sheet metal bracket, stable use; suitable for advertising graphics, digital Printing, label packaging, post-press equipment and other fields.Cutting plotter and sheet die cutting machine are the mainstream products of our company, in addition to flat die cutting machine and label die cutter.
Goals of this competition: improvement, optimization, improvement
The purpose of this competition: Through the competition, "discover work fun and improve job skills", show the team members' mechanical assembly skills and the mental outlook of the work, and lay the foundation for enterprises to train highly-skilled talents in technology such as equipment assembly, commissioning and maintenance. basis.
The results of this competition have been made
Congratulations to Liu Fang, Huang Chunxiang and Lu Zhongyi
Won the top three
On April 21st, participants and leaders
On the point of the competition
General installation experience
Test Record
After sales record
Made a self-summary
Express your opinions
This game has a profound meaning                                                                    

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