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Since funded in 2009, SAGA Computer Numerical Control Co., Ltd has become an integrated high-tech enterprise with its business scope covers R&D, Manufacturing and Trading of Sheet Cutter, Die Cutter, Flatbed Cutter, Vinyl Cutter, Paper Trimmer, Inkjet/Garment Plotter, Down/Fiber Filling Machine, Heat Presses, as well as other printing and cutting solutions. Besides hardware, SAGACNC also develops and provides certain software applications for all associated products.

SAGACNC currently possesses an 8000 square-meter factory, and more than 100 employees. We have an annual yield of 20000 units of machines which are exported to over 40 countries and regions...

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Thriving With Exuberance,Striving For Excellence.

SAGA has won unanimous praise from domestic and foreign customers with its excellent product quality and excellent service concept!

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New Arrival!!! Saga FCT6698,a digital flatbed cutter can deal with 3mm corrugated paper!


Product features 1. The format is larger. Perfectly solve the proofing and cutting with larger materials; 2. A variety of connection methods, (U disk, USB, network cable, WIFI); 3. Imported linear guides, higher output precision, active rotary knife trolley (standard 4 kinds of tools, arbitrary switching, active rotary knife, wheel indentation, passive drag knife, pen indentation); 4. Two types of cutting pads are standard, suitable for different materials; (felt pad + rubber pad); 5. Standard high-power air pump, stronger suction, thicker adsorbable material, and more types of materials; 6. Proofing of different materials can be realized. A wide range of materials, self-adhesive, cardboard, coated paper, kraft paper, PVC, 3mm corrugated paper, magnetic stickers, 2mm gray cardboard, etc.; 7. Supporting professional software, which can realize wireless connection, the local area network can automatically find the machine IP, the connection is fast and convenient, the computer can adjust the machine parameters and apply it at any time, and the software has rich functions; 8. Speed ​​increases, pressure increases. Indentation 1.9KG, cutting 1.9KG; 9.7-inch large touch screen, intelligent control platform, can realize offline operation, adjust parameters in real time, monitor task progress in real time, support file preview, camera imaging, etc.; 10. Real-time adjustment of speed and pressure, pause at any time, safety interface protection; 11. Equipped with professional tools, pressure adjustment and tool replacement are simple and convenient to install; 12. Wheel indentation, the indentation effect is better, and the material does not burst. The new patented back/rear cutting scheme, the back/rear indentation cutting, does not damage the material layer, and the effect is better.   Product application scenarios 1. High-quality gift box packaging, customer who need corrugated materials within 3mm; 2. Retain the traditional drag knife, deal with various thickness materials, meet the needs of similar customer groups, and take into account the cutting of small-angle materials; 3. Multi-station, non-stop solution, saving manpower, customers who have requirements on timeliness; 4. The range of materials that can be processed is wider, the thickness of E tile is 3mm, and the thickness of gray cardboard is 2mm; 5. For material curling and unconventional size materials, vacuum adsorption and large format have good applicability.